Dover Students Strive for 100 Miles!

Post date: Sep 30, 2016 2:23:31 AM

100 Mile Club Parent Letter

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

This year we are excited to share that we have initiated a new and exciting physical activity program at Dover School called The 100 Mile Club®.

The 100 Mile Club® was started 24 years ago by Kara Lubin, a public school teacher in the Corona-Norco Unified School District in Southern California. 100 Mile Club® is now a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to provide to all individuals the opportunity to experience fitness and personal success by Accepting the Challenge of running (or walking) 100 miles at school during a single school year.

This year at Dover School, the 100 Mile Club will be open to all students in grades K-6. Wendy Johnson, Health & Physical Education Teacher, will be the Dover School 100 Mile Club coach. Children who are interested in being a part of The 100 Mile Club sign up by simply completing their first One Mile Challenge. Each child who completes their first One Mile Challenge, will receive an “Challenge Accepted” ID card, signifying that they are taking part in the 100 Mile Club® challenge. There is no cost to participate.

Students earn miles by running while at school. They can log laps on our playground field during recess, during the school day with their teacher/class, in PE, as part of the L’After after-school Program, and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school (between 8:00-8:15). Activities and miles run outside of school do NOT count toward their 100 Mile Program Goals.

Through the journey toward 100 miles, your child will practice personal goal setting, team spirit, perseverance, poise, confidence, and honest self-evaluation. As your child reaches special MILEstones, we all celebrate together. When your child reaches 100 miles, he or she will be celebrated at our Year-End Ceremony where every participant will receive a special certificate celebrating their total miles run.

We started the 100 Mile Program this week, September 20, 2016 and are excited by the students’ eagerness and energy. If you have additional questions about the 100 Mile Club, please contact Wendy Johnson ( If for any reason you do not want your child to participate in this in-school program, please contact Wendy Johnson or Matt Martyn at 802-464-5386.


The 100 Mile Club® provides the opportunity to run or walk 100 miles at school during a single school year which improves school readiness to learn, creates better education outcomes, builds self-esteem and the overall health in the lives of children and others.

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